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Want to become an "Extra"?

Known in the industry as "Background Talent," "extras" work in the background to populate a scene.

Mall crowds, pedestrians, diners in a restaurant, passengers on an airplane... all of these people are background talent. Background Talent could be "cast" - or hired - to work one day only, or up to every day a project films, depending on the project.

ANYONE and EVERYONE can work as Background Talent and pay ranges from $75 to $227 per day on set.

"Stand-Ins" & "Photo Doubles" have the same coloring, height, and clothing sizes as the Lead talent. Stand-Ins take the place of the Lead actors during lighting and camera rehearsals. Photo Doubles may fill in for the Lead actors during shots in which the Lead's face cannot be seen, such as driving down the road, running in the distance, or even during main scenes with the other Lead talent. Pay ranges from $125 - $227 per day on set.

Complete the form below to submit to work as Background Talent. We will advise you in the basics of working on set and select Background Talent from these applications.

If you are also interested in working as a Stand In or Photo Double, be sure to check the box

Background Talent Application

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